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Among all websites out there, many solutions might include a 3rd party application added in or on top of existing platforms. This is very popular and at the least most economical in many cases. 3rd party vendors will create web site or online web applications that may assist your web site in functions you require. At times it might be best to not “reinvent the wheel” and instead allow for a 3rd party solution to cover the module or add-on needs. Most solutions have API capabilities to low for another 3rd party or self developed applications to communicate and transfer data between each. Most popular terminology is known as “script installation” or “script installation services”, and essentially we offer this as a professional service. Where we bring in the 3rd party solutions under a defined agreement to implement them into your existing code or platform, thus saving time and money from having to create the required function from scratch. A unique example or way of looking at this might be just like the software you buy for your computer. You wouldn't re-invent or create your own QuickBooks Software just to do your accounting when Intuit has developed a more economically priced solution than it would have been to create from the ground up on your own.

This information is useful because you will then understand why it makes sense to purchase 3rd party license or why we use these solutions for your projects from time to time if the situation calls for it, it comes down to efficiency and time saving alternatives than creating the entire solution from scratch. Contact Us for More Information

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